Tilify is a learning platform that combines teaching with movement in a fun way for children. With the use of interactive tiles, we create an engaging learning experience, enabling teachers and educators to have an extra fun tool to help children master topics like math and spelling.

The way it works: Kids can spread out the tiles themselves, creating their own play and learn ground. Each individual tile has a built-in screen, on which – depending on the subject and exercise – numbers, letters, or words can be displayed. In the case of a math problem, a certain sum will be shown on the connected phone screen of the teacher; and each tile shows a possible answer. The children then jump on the tile of which they think displays the right answer, and the tile responds to their choice by changing colours and playing sound.

The tiles are portable and can be used both inside and outside the classroom. Tilify gives the teacher the power to put in the existing content of the curriculum into an easy-to-use application (WINDOWS, IOS, ANDROID). As a bonus, when the kids finished their learning assignments, they can play built-in games as Tilify offers more than 10+ fun movement games.