The GogBot festival is all about the combination between technology & art, hosted every year in the blooming city center of Enschede. The theme of 2018’s GogBot fesitval was “From FrankenStein to Hyperbrain”. It was about the future, 200~300 years from now, with cyborgs and AI.
Together with a team of 8 people we made an interactive art installation to be shown on this festival.

The installation consists of 5 bowls containing 5 brains. Each brain has a different emotion at the beginning; angry, sad, neutral, happy, passionate. After selecting 3 of the 5 brains and pressing the button, the 3 brains start discussing a topic; AI, Future or WW3. After each brain has given its opinion, the emotions of the 3 brains will update. 2 positive brains will make the 1 negative brain more positive and vice versa. It’s up to the player to try to make the whole network positive again, it’s like a puzzle. Based on the performance of the player there are 3 different endings.

An engaging story has been added. The user has to try and fix Dr. van den Broek’s system. The whole experience takes about 5 minutes. The installation was built with Arduino’s, LED strips, a smoke machine and a PC running Processing.

A TV fragment about the Gogbot festival, including an interview with one of our team members.